Enduro Loops

We have over 200km of marked, one-way loops for every riders skill level and suitable for both bikes and quads. Whether you are a pee-wee rider, a beginner or a more experienced trail or enduro rider, we have tracks you will love.

We have four enduro loops, ranging in length from 19km to 45km offering a choice of hard sections to get the experts blood pumping, or not-so-hard for the average trail rider. There are also three wide, flowing novice tracks which provide an exciting challenge for beginners and kids without being intimidating. Most of our tracks are suitable for ATVs so everyone is guaranteed a great ride.

The Loops

Download a PDF of the Enduro loops

Bike Maps Bike Maps (656 KB)

  • Loop 1 our longest loop at over 48km’s covers all types of terrain and can be broken up into stages
  • Loop 2 our toughest loop at 19km’s constantly changes and can separate the men from the boys with its large rocky hills but with care anyone can take it on
  • Loop 3 our scenic 30km loop travels its way through the property past lookouts, mountains and even waterfalls, still challenging but definitely one to enjoy
  • Loop 4 winds its way through 34km of hills, gullies and twisty timbered hills. For those that run into trouble or get too tired there is always the shortcut home just before the tough stuff
Loop 1

48 km long with a bit of everything, our longest loop but can be broken up into sections by using the Novice Loops and River Road

Loop 2

Loop 2 is only 19km long but is our most extreme loop, once again it covers all types of terrain with more steep grades and rocky country. Make sure you watch out for a couple of big whoa boys on your way around, definitely a more challenging ride.

Loop 3

Loop 3 is known as our scenic loop with various options and types of country including an easy and a hard section, why not take a detour up to the waterfall or Wallaby rock whilst out riding this loop? The easy loop is approx 28kms and the last 7kms hard, making for an all up 35kms loop

A two way road runs parallel with the beginning of loop 3 with signs pointing the way to the Waterfall and Wallaby Rock Lookout.

Loop 4

Loop 4 is a great loop for all riders with plenty of small banks, hills, twists and turns and creek crossings. It slowly winds around on itself and also offers the chance to take the easy way home or to tackle the harder parts of the loop.


Note that these prices include riding on all of our bike tracks throughout the park including the Motocross and Supercross tracks.

AgePrice per day
12-15 years $30
7-11 years$20
4-6 years$10
4 & underFREE

Half day rate is now applicable to day of arrival and day of departure only and can not be claimed for days in between.

NB; We do not hire out bikes, prices are based on driving your own bike!