With approximately 230km’s of 4WD Tracks to choose from. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, all our tracks are graded and marked and an extensive map provided when you arrive

There are plenty of tracks for the family 4x4 to the most dedicated extreme 4x4 vehicles. All tracks are rated according to skill level

You can climb the toughest of hill climbs, go down the steepest slopes, enjoy playing in the many creek and river crossings, tackle the gorge or just take a leisurely drive down to the river, up to the waterfall or to one of the lookouts. For serious 4WD buffs either Middle Camp or Main Camp offer a great place to set up camp, close to the tracks and with hot showers and toilets

Don't forget to play in the Skid Pan, located near the entrance to the park!

Please note we do not charge for a tow vehicle. Comp trucks do not have to registered to use at Manar

Extreme 4WD's

Plenty of tuff terrain on offer throughout the 230kms including the gorge, gullies, drops and hill climbs. It's a great playground for even the toughest of trucks. Extreme rated tracks are very steep and winches are needed for most

Every year in October Manar Park hosts the King of the Park Challenge for the ultimate tough truck, winch truck and off-road buggy experience. More details under the events section of the website

4WD's Track Guide

Download a PDF map of the 4WD tracks

4WD Track Map 4WD Track Map (1141 KB)

All currently open 4WD tracks are detailed below. Some tracks are closed in wet conditions. The tables underneath the maps contains important information relating to each track

  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 5
  • Track 6
  • Track 7
  • Track 8
  • Track 12
  • Track 13
  • Track 15
Track Type Description
1 2WD Main access road to park / Main Camp, 6km from office. Can be boggy when wet. Main Camp has access to toilets, showers, bins, firewood, camp kitchen and the dam 
2 H4 Steep Hills
3 H4/L4 Side slopes, logs, wheel travel & mud pits
5 H4 Good Track
6 H4/L4 Steep hills, sandy river bed, care needed in river sand
7 H4 Good linking track
8 H4/L4 Steep Hills
9   This track is PERMANENTLY CLOSED, not to be driven VERY DANGEROUS
12 H4 Easy
13 H4/L4 Main track to river & small campsite on track 17. Very steep between Tracks 17 & 15
15 H4/L4 Good views but very steep at track 8 end
  • Track 16
  • Track 17
  • Track 18
  • Track 19
  • Track 20
  • Track 21
  • Track 22
  • Track 23
  • Track 24
  • Track 25
Track Type Description
16 L4 EXTREME! Rock Gorge. EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Winch may be needed
17 H4 Campsite (check if open at office) toilet, dam, bins, easy track
18 H4/L4 Good hill climbs, can be slippery at river end in  wet
19 L4 EXTREME! Closed in wet. Good views, very steep hill near 37, winch may be needed
20 H4/L4 Nissan Hill EXTREME! EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Winch may be needed.
21 H4/L4 Hard track. Sandy access to swimming hole, fishing
22 H4/L4 Lookout. Short climb to top, highest point on property, take care
23 H4/L4 Loose rocks, hilly
24 L4 EXTREME! Closed in wet. EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Care needed, very steep hills
25 L4  Lookout. Good views
  • Track 27
  • Track 28
  • Track 29
  • Track 30
  • Track 31
  • Track 32
  • Track 33
  • Track 34
  • Track 35
  • Track 36
Track Type Description
27 L4  Hard, rocky creek bed, side slopes, EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Bail out at track 28 or 29
28 H4  Good track
29 H4/L4  Steep track
30 L4  Steep climb with loose surface
31 H4  Hilly trackC
32 H4  Closed for maintenance & repair
33 H4  Good track, small dam
34 L4  EXTREME! EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Care needed. CLOSED in wet. Very steep
35 H4/L4  Dry creek crossing can be soft
  • Track 37
  • Track 38
  • Track 39
  • Track 41
  • Track 42
  • Track 43
  • Track 45
  • Track 46
  • Track 47
  • Track 48
Track Type Description
37 L4  PAJERO Hill. Steep. Bail out for Toyota's at start of hill
38 L4  EXTREME! Side slopes, loose & slippery. EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Winch needed
39 H4  Good track
41 L4  COLLOSUS Hill. Not suitable for Land Rovers & Nissans
42 L4  GUNNA Hill. For those that wish they had a real 4WD
43 H4  Link track
45 L4  2 choices, both loose & steep
46 L4  EXTREME! Loose, twisty section. EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY! Winch needed. Bail out at 48
47 H4/L4  Granite outcrops
48 L4  Bail out from 46
  • Track 49
  • Track 50
  • Track 51
  • Track 52
  • Track 53
  • Track 54
  • Track 55
  • Track 56
  • Track 65
  • Track 66
Track Type Description
49 H4  Good link track
50 H4/L4  Steep hills
51 H4/L4  Steep & hilly, side slopes at track 38 intersection
52 L4  EXTREME! Downhill only!
53    Obstacle course
54 L4  EXTREME! Down hill only!
55 L4  Steep climb with loose surface
56 L4  Steep climb with loose surface
65 L4  Bail out from track 69
66 L4  EXTREME! Large rocky granite outcrops. EXPERIENCED DRIVERS ONLY!


Price per day                                      
4WD & Extreme 4WD per vehicle $45
Half day rate  $22.50
Non participant day visitor / passenger $5

Half day rates applicable on dates of arrival and departure only

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Manar Park

Manar Park is a 15 000 acre working cattle property located about 1 ½ hours north west of Kingaroy, 1 ½ hrs from Dalby and 1 hr from Gayndah and Mundubbera.

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We are open 10 months of the year - closed for the months of February and November only. ..


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