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Manar Park


Manar Park

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Manar Park is situated on the border of the South Burnett and North Burnett Regions in SE Queensland.

The Park was originally set up by David Laidler on his 15,000 acre working cattle property to give riders and four wheel drivers somewhere to go which was both safe, exciting and legal. It was leased out to various operators over a 6 year period where the park had its ups and downs

The original owner Dave along with his partner Robyn recommenced control of the operation of Manar Park in June 2008 and have spent most of their time and energy into creating an exciting new family park. One which provides a variety of tracks and accommodation alternatives for all types of campers with an emphasis on everyone having a fun safe time.

With numerous improvements and added facilities the park is on its way to becoming the biggest and best in Queensland with most of our regulars claiming it already is!

At Manar Park the facilities are always clean, the staff are always courteous, friendly and helpful and we go out of our way to make your stay enjoyable, comfortable and exciting