MotoX and SuperX

There are hours of fun, thrills and probably spills to be had for all budding Motocross stars.

We currently have 3 Motocross tracks. One for beginners and intermediate and advanced tracks too. The tracks are located around the
Front Camp and Cabins area.

Try our junior track to either get warmed up on or to increase your skill level and then when you’re ready for something a bit more
challenging take on our advanced track.


Note that these prices include riding on all of our bike tracks throughout the park including the Enduro Loops.

AgePrice per day
Adult (17+ Years)$40
13-16 Years $30
8-12 Years$20
6-7 Years$10
1-5 YearsFREE

Half day rate is now applicable to day of arrival and day of departure only and can not be claimed for days in between.

NB; We do not hire out bikes, prices are based on driving your own bike!