We at Manar Park think that a great way of letting people know how fun and exciting it is, is by letting our customers do the selling for us. Because of this we have included different posters, brochures and general information on events, courses and general Manar Park information for you to print out and stick up on a notice board.
From this page, you can download posters, brochures and other marketing material from upcoming events and Manar Park in general. You can then use these resources to spread the word about
Manar Park & it’s facilities.

For any other specific marketing material, please contact us directly.

Please note: Resources are for promotional material only. No changes to Artwork is allowed. Please contact us if you are unsure of our guidelines.

Track Map

4WD Track Map 4WD Track Map (1141 KB)

Combination Map Combination Map (2125 KB)

Bike Maps Bike Maps (656 KB)